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News Flash!

March 2014- Levi wins both days in Wichita Falls to finish his championship.
Magnifique Yorkies is a small show home located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I strive to produce and exhibit structurally sound, healthy Yorkshire Terriers. My passion is showing, and I only breed occasionally with the goal of producing my next show dog.

My love for Yorkies began when I was three years old, and my parents brought home a little Yorkie boy that I named “Zachary Hula.”  As I grew up, I always had an interest in Yorkies and loved their beautiful long, silky coat and feisty personality.  When I was a sophomore in college, I acquired my own first Yorkie puppy, and I named her Lacy. Three years later, my sister’s Yorkie, Rylie, came to live with me as well. Lacy and Rylie continue to be my wonderful pets and loyal companions. Through owning Lacy and Rylie, I began to meet many other Yorkie pet owners, and my love for the breed continued to grow.

I attended my first dog show in 2008 and was hooked!  I started to meet several Yorkshire Terrier exhibitors and attended dog shows to watch and learn when I could. Then in 2010, I finally decided I was ready to buy my first show dog and get into the show ring myself.  In December of 2010, my first show dog “GCH Amazing’s Watch Me Shine (London)” came home, and we started our show career in March 2011. As of March 2014, I have currently finished five Champions and two Grand Champions.

I enjoy showing my own dogs, as well as dogs owned by others.  I have a passion for competing in the show ring and also love the intelligence, feisty attitude, and beauty of the Yorkshire Terrier.

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Michele Shute

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